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2 novella’s from the collection, “The Savage Codes”, have been released as individual stories for only $.99 each!

Image  “The journey of one mans slide into the gruesome and bloody reality of his worst nightmare.
One fun filled weekend excursion pulls the fate of three young families into the horrors of an unspeakable conspiracy.
The footing of the future is uncertain, this we know for sure.
Are they prepared?
Are you?”

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Image  “Jennifer is holding onto a big secret, but her handsome husband is also holding onto a secret of his own. Both secrets will change the outcome of their lives forever.
Several trusts will be broken as the bloodied and battered bodies of their friends are collected in the streets of the upscale neighborhood.
One secret revealed brings hope renewed and the other brings certain destruction.”

Available now on Amazon Kindle

The full collection, “The Savage Codes”, will be available soon!

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Birth of a Book

Birth of a Book: a tour of Smith Settle’s handmade bookbinding process

Watch Smith Settle bookbinders bring a hardback book to life.

Beautiful poetry of an amazing art. A film by Glen Milner

How many of us pause to wonder, when we hold a beautiful book in our hands, about the work that went into making it?

In the case of a Slightly Foxed edition – elegant pocket-sized clothbound books that are limited to 2000 copies and cost £15 – it’s hard NOT to consider this. Who chose the lovely coloured linen and contrasting endpapers, you ask yourself? Who blind-stamped the reading fox on the front, or gilded the book’s author and title onto the spine?

For this mesmerizing exclusive video, Glen Milner visited Smith Settle bookbinders near Leeds, where the owners, Don Walters and Tracey Thorne, allowed him to film the making of the 17th Slightly Foxed book, Suzanne St Albans’s memoir Mango and Mimosa, from start to finish.

Here, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the printing plates, the stitching of the “signatures” (folded sections), the pressing and gluing, the adding of the ribbon bookmark and head and tail bands, the making of the final hardcover in green linen cloth and the numbering of the copies. All of it done with great care, much of it by hand.

Slightly Foxed is paradoxically innovative and old-school. While most books are now printed and bound overseas, their choice to collaborate with Smith Settle, traditional British binders who have made elaborate editions for the Folio Society among others, has meant that instead of struggling to keep up with the digital revolution, this small press is making a profit.

I’m so glad to share this with you from the London Telegraph. Books are a very important and vital part of my life. As much as I appreciate and am enamored by the electronic press and technology, I sincerely hope this art form never dies. Our world would truly be a lesser place without these miracles.

S.J. Johnson

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I get so excited about hosting these games. They are so much fun, even if you just read the submissions, it gets hilarious!

The Drive

The Drive

‘The Drive’ is a true page turner into the dangerous and unexpected. Marvelously well written, this is an astounding story with an absolutely rich and intriguing plot that doesn’t disappoint. Each chapter will keep you pinned to your seat, then leaves you breathless with a heart wrenching surprise ending.