The Drive

The Drive

‘The Drive’ is a true page turner into the dangerous and unexpected. Marvelously well written, this is an astounding story with an absolutely rich and intriguing plot that doesn’t disappoint. Each chapter will keep you pinned to your seat, then leaves you breathless with a heart wrenching surprise ending.



by S.J. Johnson


A collection of four very different timeless novellas created with you in mind. To entertain you, to make you wonder, to make you thrill, to provoke within you that which was always there. To take you on an adventure out of now and transport you to somewhere that you would never have experienced and loved had I not, just for you, collected these PAGES.

Summer Garden


Leaving behind the sweet world of childhood enrapture and fantasy is poignantly displayed in this love filled story of a child’s struggle to find balance at a shifting stage in his life. A passage that he must experience as his journey leads him away from his beloved Summer Garden.

Gifts Of Devotion


An enchanting experience of unconditional love and devotion during a time of trial, faith and endurance, discovered through the between a mother and her coming of age son. An engaging and timeless story that will linger in your heart.

The Favor

by S.J. JohnsonTHE FAVOR

Take the journey with a man who’s many years of regret and grieving finally draw to an unexpected climax in this short story of passion and expression of unconditional devotion and discover if his attempt to atone for past mistakes is too little, too late.

Case File 13

by S.J. JohnsonCASE FILE 13

Join in on this thrilling adventure as you read through the pages of a police case file report involving a chronicle of intriguing and gripping suspense. A story that will unfold and leave you with your own questions as you decide for yourself the potential behind what is possible.

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