2012 Facebook Micro-Story Writing Game

(This game closed as of 2/3/12)

Having a little fun the ‘write’ way

As a writer I find it is important that I find an outlet everyday to write, even when I have been taken over by writer’s block or just simply find it difficult staying focused to work on my current book, and I find most successful writers do this to keep the gears moving. I personally practice many different writing techniques, something that helps me to stay engaged with writing something every day. This fosters stronger skills as a writer and helps lubricate the process, as well as improves discipline, something that is occasionally difficult for writers to maintain when there are so many things designed to distract us or pull our attention away from writing.

I have personally read your emails and posts, visited your blogs and websites and I know that you have fabulous imaginations and talents and I can hardly wait to see what you can contribute as your micro-story.

I want to promote this simple writing exercise for one month for all that would enjoy it. This will run from January 3rd 2012 to February 3rd 2012.

We will be featuring a writing exercise game for those that want to participate and for those that just want to read some fun micro-stories.  As an incentive to participate I will give the writers of the top three voted stories a free copy of my book, “The Drive” or “PAGES” (winner’s choice).

 Simple Rules:

1.        All pieces submitted must be your own original writing. No plagiarism.

2.        Each micro-story must have a Title (which will not be included in word count)

3.        Each micro-story must be a maximum length of no more than 500 words. There is no minimum length required.

4.        Each micro-story must include ALL of the following items. Items may be included in any way you would like, but your micro-story must included ALL five items:

  • mirror

  • wooden match

  • $ .38

  • phone book

  • thermos

5.       Submit as many stories as you like, but they each must be submitted separately and follow the guidelines.

6.       Please keep your submissions as ‘PG’ as possible as there are others that may find some possible content offensive.  Respect is good. Anything deemed insulting, too explicit or questionable may be removed so that this exercise remains entertaining for everyone involved.

7.       If you choose, you may submit your story(s) by anonymous donation via submitting through my Facebook email.  Please be sure to state in the email subject line, “ANONYMOUS Story Submission”.  Your story(s) will be posted in the order that they are received, but your identity will be omitted. (You can still win through votes)

8.       You may write your story in any genre you would like. We do not have to stick to one single style of writing or genre, (i.e., Horror, Fantasy, Poetry, Romance, Sci-Fi, etc.).

* To submit your micro-story; write, or copy & paste it into the next comment box below. Be sure to first add your title, and ‘Enter’.

** Once you have submitted your story, copy and paste the link in your Facebook status update or click ‘Share’ and then ask your friends to read and vote for your story title by clicking ‘Like’ under your post.

Of course, you may also read the other submissions and vote, I will personally read every submission and vote for my favorites as well.

On February 4th, the exercise will close and the stories with most ‘Like’ votes will be declared the “Winners” and I will contact you through PM to discuss your choice of prizes.

Anyone can enter, anyone can read and vote for any micro-story submitted. The micro-stories will be posted in the order of submission. Prize winners will be determined ONLY by the total amount of ‘Like’ votes for each individual submission.

Please, don’t comment on submissions. If you don’t appreciate the micro-story don’t ‘Like’ it.

  That’s pretty much it!

If we can follow these guidelines then it should be quite an amazing journey and a wonderful experience for everyone.  The last game we did we a fantastic success and extremely funny. If this is just as successful then I am very excited for the outcome. This is going to be lots of fun!

Now, let’s start writing!

S.J. Johnson

~Read the First Place Winning Story ~

‘The Last Match’  by Skip Ramsey

~Read the Second Place Winning Story ~

‘Desperate Ending’  by Tiffany Emery

Read All The 2012 Facebook Micro-Story Writing Game Contest Entries

I want to personally Thank each and every one of the very talented writers that were willing to share their gifts by submitting their entry into The Micro-Story Writing Game. Whether or not you took a placement or a prize I hope you are proud of your piece. I am amazed every time I hold one of these games, at the wealth of writing talent that gets exposed. I feel honored to have been a part in this game because of you.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation. This game was so much fun that we are considering doing another very soon instead of waiting an entire year for the next. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this experience enough that you will be submitting another example of your skill in the next writing game.


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