FREE Kindle Reader Download

Get your FREE ‘Kindle Reader’ download for PC from Amazon. Just click this link and instantly have access to 1,000′s of Kindle Books, many under $10 Including New Releases.

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What’s a ‘Kindle’?

It’s an electronic reader, basically. You can download books, newspapers, and magazines and read them on this portable machine, kind of like you do on a computer. Buy e-books or subscriptions to the NY Times and read them all in one gadget.
They have tried to make it like a real book – you can “turn” the pages with a click, and the screen is supposed to look like paper.

Sony has a reader out also. It’s cheaper, but since the Kindle is linked with Amazon’s amazingly large e-book library, there is much greater selection and access to books you can’t get anywhere else.

What’s a ‘Kindle Reader’ for PC?

It’s basically the same thing only it’s a downloaded program for your desktop computer or your laptop. It gives you all the benefits of the Kindle device to read all forms of written materials without the extra expense of buying a ‘Kindle’ device.

2 comments on “FREE Kindle Reader Download

  1. Anthony says:

    Much prefer the Kindle to my PC for reading

    • S.J. Johnson says:

      Thank you for your comment,
      True, I do agree that it is nicer. But for those that don’t have a Kindle this provides them the ability to read and access the wonderful world of Kindle books too.

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