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2012 Facebook Micro-Story Writing Game Entries

2012 Facebook Micro-Story Writing Game Entries.

2012 Facebook Micro-Story Writing Game First Place Entry

2012 Facebook Micro-Story Writing Game First Place Entry.

Facebook Micro-Story Writing Game

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I get so excited about hosting these games. They are so much fun, even if you just read the submissions, it gets hilarious!

The writers game

Well I did it.

A couple of days ago I buckled up the courage and clicked that daunting ‘send’ button, submitting my manuscript for a new book.

By the end of the day I discovered that it was approved for the ‘E’ version.


But, now a more painful task awaits me. I get to wait out the gruesome days until I am informed whether or not the very same manuscript will be accepted by the publisher for print and I can actually, someday, hold a copy of my own work in my hands.

I’ve already checked my email at least a dozen times. No email from him yet.

Even better than that, if it does get approved then I get to force feed my friends and family this glorious information. At which point I also get to start groveling and begging these poor people to help me force feed my book to everyone they know who might, even remotely, be interested in what I have to write about.

Now all the self doubt that I have been denying myself for weeks as I worked myself into a fit, finishing and polishing this love of mine, has come to the forefront in full force. I had a sleepless night last night, lying in my comfy bed wondering quietly “Why would anyone that knows me want to read what I’ve written? What have I done?”

I must be realistic. It’s a work of fiction. A story I thought up, a place I invented, told about people who only exist inside my mind. Do I think it’s a good story? Yes, I really do.

Can I convince other people that it’s a good story? I’m really not sure.

Not until I get someone else to actually read it. I understand and accept that I am a writer, I am not a salesperson and I am not good at publicizing my work.

I can only hope that out of the billions, yes billions, of people living on this planet right now, that some of them would have the same taste in books that I do and find it to be just a wonderful as I think it is.  That’s plausible and realistic. Right?

God, I can’t think about this anymore right now.

I’m going to go sit outside for a while with a hot cup of something and watch as autumn falls away and winter tries to arrive. I need to avoid my computer for some time today.

I’ve checked my email again since starting this entry.

Thanks for listening,


Coming soon:

I just endured a four day long editing marathon to finish up the final touches on my newest novel, ‘the drive’. It gets submitted today. Well, as soon as my cup of morning coffee and I build up the courage to click the ‘send’ button, anyway.

I am really excited about this book, it has turned out to be something much better than I anticipated. Seriously. If all goes well, it should be available online by December 5th and everywhere else by December 16th.

I appreciate your patience with me, in my pursuit of this project I realize I have completely neglected posting on Facebook and my blogs. I will try to be much better about that in the future.

Thank you

S.J. Johnson

‘The Drive’  by S.J. Johnson @

About the author


I am a Novelist, Writer, Playwright, all ’round keyboard tapper extraordinaire`.
Mostly I just love to read and write.
Although I am well known for my “Family Saga” novels, my real passion is “Horror Fiction”.  But then again, they’re actually the same thing I suppose.
I would like to sincerely thank you, for taking the time to read through a piece of my work, this newest story is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I am a published author currently looking for new literary Representation for mainstream commercial publication. I have been writing since 1984, with a strong passion for horror fiction and family saga.
I have written numerous work for magazines, instruction manuals, brochures and periodical publications as well as for other extremely busy bloggers but I would prefer to utilize my talents as a horror fiction novelist.
I have several finished novels, some that are published, “PAGES”, “GIFTS OF DEVOTION”, “SUMMER GARDEN”, “CASE FILE 13″, and “THE FAVOR” and are now available through Amazon Kindle publications. I also have many other books that I would love to see in publication as well, and many more that are currently in the progress of being completed.
I have posted a sample of my work in this blog for your reading pleasure. So, read my work, feedback to your hearts content and if you like what I offer then tell a friend and spread the word!