Adorable is as adorable does…

Today was going to be packed to the gills with things that all need to be accomplished by yesterday, which in my world means I will probably be consuming massive amounts of caffeine to keep up with the schedule of work I have planned on completing during the next 24 hours.  So I head downstairs to refill my coffee cup for the second time already this morning.

First thing I see as I walk through the living room is the tv playing yet another Christmas cartoon, which is entertaining the furniture, and my four year old grandson who is spending the day with me today is nowhere in sight.

If you have ever been in a situation where you are responsible to care for a four year old, you know all too well that the sudden disappearance of this young inquisitive person is a potential ingredient for big trouble or worse, a big mess.

After a brief game of hide-and-seek with myself looking for him, I find him upstairs in the office that I had just left to fill my cup only moments before. I have absolutely no idea how he could have passed me without my knowledge, I can only assume that some small children possess the ability to materialize at random throughout the house.

He is randomly pushing buttons on the computer printer. I immediately put down my cup and ask him what he’s doing. He replies that he’s busy ‘working’ at something very important and that I should be quiet for just a minute so he can think.

Oops. I hear echoes of myself in his words. These young humans that visit my home are vacuums for all kinds of things that adults have stopped hearing or completely take for granted. Note to self: stop using the phrase, “be quiet for a minute…”

I watch him for a few seconds, as he carefully chooses and debates with himself which of the blinking buttons will help him accomplish his task, and then he turns to me in frustration and asks if I can help.

‘Gladly’, I tell him but I need to know what it is that he’s trying to do. He tells me that he is trying to print some more paper. The paper tray is empty. I have to stop and marvel at the infinite wisdom of this four-year-olds logic, that the printer ‘prints’ his art paper. Of course it does!

He begins explaining that he needs to make a “keep out” sign to put on the playroom door for our dog Tyler. Apparently Tyler has formed an attachment to one of the play toys and he doesn’t want him to chew on it. I tried to explain that Tyler doesn’t know how to read, but he informs me very matter-of-factly that I need to teach him how to read so he can read the sign, stay out of the playroom and stop chewing on the toys.

Yep, more impeccable logic that’s impossible to refute. No problem.

Due to the attention needs of the younger person in the house today, my plans to get a massive mound of work done today have been shot to ‘shine-ola’. I have no idea what that means exactly, but my mother used to use that phrase a lot when I was a child, so now I use it. Yes, I was a vacuum myself once.

So, today has been turned from a very productive ‘work’ day into a necessary play-date with this adorable little boy. After all four year old boys are only four years old for 365 days in their entire lives, then suddenly they’re all grown up and don’t have time for play-dates with their Nana’s any longer.

With his help, I am going to try to teach Tyler how to read the keepout sign that’s being designed while I’m writing this and hopefully my boy will teach me how to silently materialize clear across the house. Maybe we’ll bake some Christmas cookies and play a game of Candyland while we’re at it.

Hope you have a good day too.


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