About the author


I am a Novelist, Writer, Playwright, all ’round keyboard tapper extraordinaire`.
Mostly I just love to read and write.
Although I am well known for my “Family Saga” novels, my real passion is “Horror Fiction”.  But then again, they’re actually the same thing I suppose.
I would like to sincerely thank you, for taking the time to read through a piece of my work, this newest story is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I am a published author currently looking for new literary Representation for mainstream commercial publication. I have been writing since 1984, with a strong passion for horror fiction and family saga.
I have written numerous work for magazines, instruction manuals, brochures and periodical publications as well as for other extremely busy bloggers but I would prefer to utilize my talents as a horror fiction novelist.
I have several finished novels, some that are published, “PAGES”, “GIFTS OF DEVOTION”, “SUMMER GARDEN”, “CASE FILE 13″, and “THE FAVOR” and are now available through Amazon Kindle publications. I also have many other books that I would love to see in publication as well, and many more that are currently in the progress of being completed.
I have posted a sample of my work in this blog for your reading pleasure. So, read my work, feedback to your hearts content and if you like what I offer then tell a friend and spread the word!

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